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Great Pricing at Studio Direct Cosmetics
Studio Direct Cosmetics Wouldn't you love to have the multi-million dollar buying power of the studio industry when purchasing your cosmetics? Well, that's exactly what you get when you put Studio Direct to work for you. Whether it's our own signature line of Studio Direct products or one of the many manufacturer lines that Studio Direct carries, volume buying power means customer savings.

Let's take world famous Lip Ink's semi permanent lip colors. Their staying power is second to none and their all natural composition puts them head and shoulders above their animal by-products imitators. And the colors are, in a word, magnificent. So what could possibly be wrong with Lip Ink. Well, the only downside...until now, quite frankly has been the price. At upwards of $16.00 a tube, you're wearing the Ferrari of lip colors. At that price... or even $15 or $14 a tube, any cosmetic can put a strain on your budget. But with Studio Direct, the price is typically anywhere from 20 to 30% less making Lip Ink products competitive with any number of lower-priced, lower quality lip products..

Lip Ink on E-bay Whether it's lip, brow, eye, face or whole body products, the world's finest cosmetics can be yours for a fraction of the retail costs you find anywhere...even on e-Bay which is where Studio Direct got started. And to see just how well our products are selling on ebay and the comments left by over 7500 buyers last year, just click on the ebay image to the left What you'll find is over 10,000 positive compliments from people who have purchased cosmetic from the world's leading on-line supplier.
Of course, you have found our lowest pricing right here on our website, as we do not have to pay the eBay and Paypal fees.

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