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Studio Direct Bare Mineral Foundation Makeup

Studio Direct Cosmetic's Custom Bare Mineral Foundation Makeup line Features Natural Mineral Foundations for every skin tone.

Our Custom Blended Loose Mineral Foundations Do NOT contain any Bismuth Oxychoride, which has caused adverse reactions in many users. We also do not use any preservatives, fillers, dyes, oils or talc. We also Do NOT use Methylparaben or Trisodium in our Loose Bare Mineral Makeup! Our Loose Bare Mineral Foundations contain Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides, Mica and Ultramarine Blue. This is the complete ingredients list for our Loose Bare Mineral line, with the exception of our specialty Mattifying Oil Absorbing Powder, which also contains all Natural Oil Absorbing Arrowroot powder. The Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are anti-inflamatories and help sooth irritated skin in addition to providing sunscreen protection. The Zinc Oxide has antimicrobial properties. The Ultramarine Blue, which is a non-irratating and non-sensitizing mineral has excellent heat stability, light fastness and solvent resistance. It is also a necessary component in a balanced palette of warm and cool colors. Ultramarine Blue is famous for having been the most expensive pigment in the 14th and 15th centuries and today it still reigns supreme. We use Micas that are specially coated with Titanium Dioxide (which adds even more sunscreen protection), as opposed to the inferior less expensive uncoated micas, which are known as Serecite Mica. This also gives the foundations a more beautiful finish. Please be sure to check the ingredients as you shop for mineral makeup. You will find our mineral foundations to have the highest quality, superior consistency and long lasting semi permanent qualities due to our exclusive formulations. Our Loose Mineral Makeup Foundations have the following benefits:
  • No Silica, Methylparaben, Trisodium or Magnesium Stearate
  • Pure Mineral Pigments
  • No Talc, Fillers, Preservatives, Chemicals, Wax, Oils or Dyes
  • No Rice Powder or Kaolin Clay as Fillers
  • No Bismuth Oxycloride which Often Causes Itching, Redness and Rashes
  • No Carmine
  • No Micronized or Nano Particles
  • Fragrance Free
  • Hypo-Allergenic Non-Comedogenic Will Not Clog Pores
  • Cruelty Free No Animal Testing
  • Formulated with More Expensive Micas that are Specially Coated with Titanium Dioxide, Ultramarine Blue or Iron Oxides which gives a more Beautiful Finish
  • We do not use the less expensive Serecite Mica
  • Our High Quality Minerals Protect, Nourish and Enhance your Complexion
  • Made In The USA
Studio Direct's Custom Bare Natural Mineral Foundations are all packaged in jars. Our 20 and 30 gram jars have sifters. We offer three sizes, our 5 gram sample size, the generous 20 gram jar & our large 30 gram jar. Our 5 gram sample jar contains 1/4 teaspoon of mineral makeup which is enough for several applications of the product. Our 20 and 30 gram sifter jars are each completely filled to the sifter. Due to the differing weights of the minerals in each color, we feel the only fair manner in which to sell our product is to completely fill each jar! Our prices and the product sizes are as follows:

Mineral Samples: 5 gram jar w 1/4 tsp.
Full 20 gram (by volume) sifter jar
Full 30 gram (by volume) sifter jar

Here is an unsolicited comment from Mary:
"Wonderful make-up, I won't be buying the expensive one any more, this is better!"
Here is an unsolicited comment from Carla:
"Well, I absolutely love it! It totally is soft and barely feels like I am wearing make-up my pores feel open and not clogged I really would like to talk to you about ordering your product line."
Here is an unsolicited comment from Pam:
"The foundation is true to description -good texture and color- thanks"
Here is an unsolicited comment from Laurie (she purchased our 30 gram jar):
Here is an unsolicited comment from Grace:
JOYCE! :) Can I just tell you that you have a customer for life?! I told you I used to use B.E. and I always thought that it was just my oily skin that was the problem. My entire family is very "shiny", so after I would use that, I would have to put on something like Cornsilk (Mineral Veil didn't cut it, even when I put it on twice like the instructions said to..) to matte my skin down. Needless to say, an hour later I was "shiny" again. It was a never ending cycle and then of course my face got all "cakey" by the end of the day. I got your product yesterday and not only was the coverage better using the same amount as B.E., but I'm sitting at work an hour later and my skin is still fairly matte. NOT SHINY! Woo Hoo!!! I'm completely sold and now I have to go tell all my friends who I got started on mineral foundation. :) -Grace PS- Sometimes, 3 months of research pays off in a positive way for once! :)
Here is an unsolicited comment from Colleen:
This is a great mineral foundation at a great price! Gives a soft, matte finish Very generous "try me" size. Foundation gives excellent coverage :-).
Here is an unsolicited comment from Debra:
"The best mineral makeup! Not shiney sparkley! Beautiful finish."

Click to Enlarge Studio Direct Cosmetics Loose Mineral Foundation Neutral Tone Color Selection Chart
Neutral Tones
Neutral Tones work well on all Skin Tones.

Click to Enlarge Studio Direct Cosmetics Loose Mineral Foundation-Soft Golden Yellow Undertones Color Selection Chart
Soft Golden Yellow Undertones
Works well for Caucasians and African Americans with Golden Peach Undertones

Click to Enlarge Studio Direct Cosmetics Loose Mineral Foundation Pink Rose Undertones Color Selection Chart
Pink Rose Undertones
Works well for Caucasians and African Americans with Pink (Cool) Undertones
The Dark Pink Rose works well for individuals of Indian descent.

Click to Enlarge Studio Direct Cosmetics Loose Mineral Foundation Strong Golden Yellow Undertones Color Selection Chart
Strong Golden Yellow Undertones
Works well for Caucasians, Asians, Latinos, Orientals, Italians, Indians, Hispanics and Hawaiians with Warm Yellow Undertones.

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Click to Enlarge Mineral Makeup Lightening & Darkening Color Correcting Kits
     Custom Blend Bare Mineral Makeup Lightening and Darkening Color Correctors
If your Bare Mineral Foundation Makeup is too dark for your complexion or if you wish to lighten your favorite mineral makeup foundation, our Custom Blend Bare Mineral Makeup Color Correctors are for you!!

Simply add a small amount of the Lightener or Darkener Color Corrector to your Bare Mineral Foundation until your mineral makeup foundation color perfectly matches your complexion.

Our Lightening & Darkening Correctors are Neutral Based Colors. They do not add Ashy, Grey, Yellow or Orange Tones to your Foundation.

Our sample size is for one 1/4 teaspoon of the corrector color of your choice and a mini spatula.

Our Color Corrector Kit includes One Full Jar of the color corrector of your choice (20 or 30 Gram size), One Empty 30 Gram Mixing and Storage Jar with a Pre-Sealed Sifter & Lid, One Mini Spatula for adding the minerals and One Mixing Spatula.

Contour & Shadow
Our Contour and Shadow is used to define and sculp your face.
May be used by all skin tones..

Click to Enlarge Studio Direct Perfect Finish Setting Spray
Studio Direct Perfect
Finish Setting Spray
***Great New Product!!***
1.7 fl oz./50 ml.
Our Refreshing, Vitamin Enriched Mist will Nourish your Skin and Set all Makeup. Our Uniquie Formulaton contains Cucumber, Chamomile, Green Tea Extracts and Caffeine to Soothe, Hydrate and Energize your skin.
May be used with our Bare Mineral Makeup line or any of our Non Mineral Makeup products as well.
Studio Direct Refillable Dispensing Brush w Cap
Great for Loose Powders & Mineral Makeup
$12.99 Click to Enlarge Studio Direct Refillable Empty Loose Powder Dispensing Brush with Pouch

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