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Studio Direct MineralMakeup Pressed Eyeshadows

Studio Direct Cosmetic's Custom Bare Mineral Pressed Eyeshadows Features the Purest Micronized Triple Milled Bare Minerals which Protect and Correct Skin without irritation.

Our Bare Mineral makeup is virtually weightless and allows skin to breathe while shielding against age aggressors. All Natural Bare Minerals are a chemical free sunblock which naturally shield the skin against ultraviolet light. Their powerful, light-reflective properties make flaws and imperfections looks less visible. All of our Bare Mineral products, both loose and pressed, are free of heavy fillers and pore clogging ingredients. Our formulations Do Not contain any potential irritants such as Fragrance, Oil, Talc or Dyes. Each formulation is also Hypoallergenic and Oil Free. Our Pressed formulations are fortified with nutrients and freeze dried vitamins which nourish your skin while providing extraordinary antioxidant protection.
Due to its unparalleled purity, Bare Mineral makeup is the perfect choice after cosmetic surgery, chemical peels, laser treatments and waxing. Individuals that suffer from acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and other skin conditions will find that our Bare Mineral line protects and corrects while revealing your skin's natural radiance.
Bare Mineral Pressed Matte Eyeshadows
Pressed Custom Mineral Matte Eyeshadows 11.99
Our Pressed Bare Mineral Matte Eyeshadows are Hypoallergenic, Talc Free, Fragrance Free and Oil Free. These Earthly Micro Minerals that are Infused with Conditioning and Protective Vitamins that the delicate eye area needs.
These Intense Eyeshadows Glide on Flawlessly and Last for Hours without Settling into Fine Lines, Creasing or Smudging. as each pigment is specially treated for extended wear. These Specialty Eyeshadows are part of our Professional Studio Collection and we use them on all major photo and television shoots. These Ultra Modern Matte Eyeshadows are Specially Formulated not to look cakey when applied and they make your eyes look less tired, less lined, less wrinkled and years younger.

Studio Direct Cosmetics Dual Ended Chisel Fluff & Sponge Brush
We recommend our Chisel Dual Ended Chisel Fluff & Sponge Brush for both our Loose and Pressed Bare Mineral Eyeshadows: This brush has a pure sable fluff on one end and a sponge applicator on the other end. We recommend this brush for applying loose Bare Mineral Eyeshadows, as the sponge applicator will pick them up better than any other type of brush and the fluff end will blend your colors. #160
Studio Direct Dual Ended Professional Eye Shadow Brush

Bare Mineral Ultra Satin Pressed Eyeshadows
Pressed Mineral Ultra Satin Eyeshadows 9.99
Our Pressed Bare Mineral Ultra Satin Eyeshadows have a Soft Shimmering Finish.
They are Hypoallergenic, Mineral Oil Free, Talc Free, Dye Free, and Paraben Free.
Enriched with Vitamins A, C & E which are antioxidant vitamins that help to protect cells from free radical damage.
The Ultra Satin Line Reflects light away from fine lines and circles and is an excellent choice for post operative or sensitive skin.

Eye Makeup Sealers
Studio Direct Eye Makeup Sealant

You may have seen different packaging from our authorized resellers, however, all the formulations are the same.
Seals all Powder Eye Liners, Pencil Eye Liners, Cake Eye Liners & All Eye Shadows, except Cream Eye Shadows. May also be used with any of our Powdered Blushes which may be safely used on your eyes also.

**Highly Recommended**
Here is a recent comment we received from Tammy about this product:
"The eye shadow sealer REALLY REALLY works! I can go all day without touchup!"
Here is a recent comment we received from Gail about this product:
"Fast shipping. Excellent product, works great. Thanks! "
Here is a recent comment we received from Katey about this product:
"Awesome product great price A++++++ "

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Click to Enlarge Studio Direct Eye Shadow Base Selection Chart
Studio Direct Eye Shadow Base
Lightly textured creme base diminishes fine lines and neutralizes eyelids so your eye shadow color stays put and the color remains true.

Our Original Formula works well with all skin tones.

Our Kimiko Formula is a unique product manufactured specifically for Asians, Latinos, Orientals, Italians, Indians, Hispanics and Hawaiians.
Our Zahari Formula is specifically manufactured for individuals with darker complexions and is truly a unique product.

Here is a recent comment from Judilynn about this product:
"Bye bye, eyeshadow creasing! I LOVE THIS STUFF! Thank you!"
Here is a recent comment from Shannon about this product:
"Awesome product, great pricing, will do business again! "
Here is a recent comment from Mary about this product:
"Excellent item, works like more expensive brands."

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