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Studio Direct Cosmetics Features Fast Delivery
Studio Direct Cosmetics is Not Sold in Stores What's the fastest way to get your hands on something you just bought? Right, head to the store, pay retail and take it on home. OK, what's the cheapest way to get your hands on something you just bought? Right. Head to the Internet, price comparison shop for a couple of hours and purchase it at a discount. Then pay the Priority Next or Two Day shipping and wipe out any savings you may have gotten! You see the 5-7 day quote you get from most Internet companies is not due to the mail which even with good old regular parcel post is only about 2 days. No, the 5-7 days is based on the time it takes to get the shipping guy off his break and over to pick your product off the shelf and getting it into the mail!

OK, now, what's the smartest way to get your hands on something you just bought? Simple. Pick it out on Studio Direct, pay the Studio Direct discount price and have it there in a couple of days with first class mail shipping. It's that simple. In fact, while we have had some people willing to pay Next Day, it's only because they absolutely had to have that specific color for Saturday night's dinner party and the Black satin dress they were wearing. Other than that, product goes out of Studio Direct on the same business day it is ordered which puts it in the mail that evening to you or, if you order it after business hours when we're all sleeping, in the shipment the next day.
Easy Shopping Online for Studio Direct Cosmetics

Model Wearing Studio Direct Cosmetics So, I suppose the bottom line is that you can pay more at a retail outlet and have it today, although you won't know how long its been on the shelf, or you can pay Internet discount prices that are more than Studio Direct prices and then pay the additional cost of next or two-day delivery or you can simply buy it from us. The choice is yours but personally, I'd buy from us. Its's faster...and it's much less expensive. After all, don't you have something better to do with that two hours you'd spend on-line comparison picking out a new black satin dress for Saturday night...or Sunday night...or Monday night...or Tuesday...or Wednesday...or...

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