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Lip Ink products, formulated with over 40 herbs and botanicals to heal, condition and moisturize your lips, are so sheer they go on like water, yet are so durable they can last up to 24 hours. Virtually impossible to smear, bleed or feather, you can eat, drink, sleep and shower worry-free. The descriptions and hints below will help you maximize the impact of the products to bring out the best in your natural beauty.

Lip Ink Original Lip Colors (See Color Chart)

Red Red with a pink base .
Nude Pink with a hint of orange.
Pink The classic pink. 3 layers of Pink = 1 layer of Pink Hi.
Pink Hi 3 times darker than Pink.
Fuchsia Blue-based pink. A cross between Hot Pink and Plum.
Plum A blue-based violet. This color can be dark when applied in 3 layers next to extremely light skintones.
Coral Half-pink and half-orange.
Orange Cinnamon-orange color.
Cocoa Brown base with a hint of pink.
Cognac Lo Light brick red in three layers. 3 layers of Cognac Lo = 1 layer of Cognac.
Cognac A true brick red when applied in 3 layers. 3 times darker than Cognac Lo.
Clear Can be used to replace the 2nd or 3rd layer of color and locks in Magic Powders.
Mauve True pink with brown and blue added. 3 layers Mauve = 1 layer of Mauve Hi.
Mauve Hi A brown and blue-based pink 3 times darker than Mauve.
Cherry Contemporary red with a brown / blue base.
Caramel Looks exactly like the candy caramel.
Mocha One of Lip Ink's lightest browns. Creates a sheer, faint color worn alone or tones down and warms all other colors when worn on top of those colors.
Blush Baby pink sheer and light color. Close to the natural color of lips.
Mango Light pink/orange with a hint of yellow.
Ruby A combination of 1/2 true Red and 1/2 true pink
Rose A deep pink with a brown and orange base.
Champagne A wine pink with a brown and blue base.
Hot Pink The brightest pink we have no orange or brown or blue just pink, as classics go, this is a classic hot pink.
Rust This color is as close to real rust as it gets.
Sky Red A blue base Red.
Lava Red A true standard red no predominant base colors.
Earth Red A brown base Red.
Fire Red A yellow orange base Red.

Lip Ink Ultra Lip Colors (See Color Chart)
Ultra Colors have more color pigments and are longer lasting.
Ultra Berry A perfect pink brown combination that creates a cherry brown pink color. Full coverage.
Ultra Spice A perfect orange brown combination that creates a deep cinnamon full coverage color.
Ultra Natural A perfect brown for all skin tones not full coverage and not sheer just in between.
Untra Amethyst A perfect plum blue purple color - full coverage and our darkest color to date when applied in three layers. Great over and under any color to create a deep color.
Valentine Pink A pink with some white in it, full coverage and long lasting.

Lip Ink Wood Lip Colors (See Color Chart)
Wood Colors features eight semi-transparent natural earth tones resembling the gentle hues found inside of trees. Use alone for a relaxed, natural look, or layer with darker colors to lighten, tone, and accentuate your lips.
Rosewood Our most popular color a brown blue sheer pink that will go with any skin tone. This is a great contemporary color.
Maplewood A yellow orange sheer base color that can be worn alone or under or over a color to add a hint of yellow orange to it.
Teakwood A green brown sheer base color that can be worn alone or under or over a color to mute it.
Sagewood A light pink tea color sheer.
Redwood A brown pink sheer.
Cherrywood A blue pink very sheer.
Cedarwood A real light orange yellow, great by itself or over and under colors.
Sandwood The perfect brown lip color. Not too pink or too orange just an even beige muted light brown. This color will enhance any lip color rather than cover.

Lip Ink Toners
Apply Lip Ink Unisex toners to brighten (Lemon toner) or to mute colors (Unisex toner).
Lemon Toner Use under any color to take out the blue in it and brighten it. Sheer.
Unisex Toner Creates an earth tone to any color or worn alone it is a blue base brown. Sheer.

Lip Ink Alien Colors (See Color Chart)
Lip Ink Aliens are soft, pastel, sheer and retro. Aliens may be used as a Lip Color or Eye Color.
Martian Grey A Grey sheer color that can be worn under any color to drab it or over any color to deepen it. Or as an eye shadow.
Arcturian Pink Our lightest pink sheer and baby like. Glows in a black light. Great eye shadow.
Venusian Flesh A white beige color that when worn over or under any color adds a vial of white wash to it. Can be worn alone to create a bleached effect on the lips. Glows in a black light.
Reptilian Green Wear this color under any other color and create an earth tone effect. It will drab out any blue or pink or orange. Great eye shadow.
Pleiadian Blue Deepen any blue base pink color or create a muted orange by wearing this color over or under it. Great eye shadow.
Sirian Violet Whitewash any pink and use it as an eye shadow. Or over any color and surprise yourself with a glow it creates. Glows in black light.
Hathor Brown A true Brown with a hint of violet Sheer. Worn alone it is a great brown and over any color it creates an earth tone to the color if worn over or under. Great eye shadow.

Lip Ink Gel Lipstick Colors (See Color Chart)
Lip-Ink Lip Gels Lip Sticks have enhancing light-reflective pigments that direct attention away from fine lines and wrinkles, creating a smooth look. Lip-Ink LipGel Lip Sticksare easy to use, waterproof and long wearing, Luminous colors that stay right where they belong -- On your lips.

Chicago Midnight

Deep burgundy blue undertones .

New York Apple

Candy apple true basic red with a little blue, yellow and orange in it.

Texas Peach

Peaches and cream with pink

Nevada Gold

A gold shimmering persimmon.

Hollywood Diamond

A twilight sunset with a faint peach color and some sparkle.

Florida Pink

Neon pink with a hint of blue.

D C Brown

Our first true golden brown.

Sydney Sunset

Orchid purple with creamy white mixed in.

London 60's Pink

Retro baby pink.

Mother's Day
Rose Quartz

A rose petal pink with natural mineral sparkle.

South African Rooibos

Sheer amber tea color. Our lightest and most natural Lip Gel Lip Stick color.

Freda Payne
Almond Star
A beautiful warm almond with a hint of sparkle and a touch of red.
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